I officially start off this semester as a Philosophy major, tooo excited about this and for what reasons? Here's a small glimpse as to why i decided to changed my major this late in the game:

● Philosophy, logic, and reason are of the most passionate topics I like to engage in, it offers different viewpoints, different ideas, it presents me with new ways of thinking
● Philosophy will prepare me for the LSATS that will ultimately help me...
● help me get into William & Mary Law School in VA, one of my dream schools
● I will know how to better represent myself when debating and arguing
● and i think, therefore i am lol


of course the obvious answer to returning from a hiatus is " i went on a hiatus", not so my case haha, My older molder macbook went dead on me, but I'm back and in a more so creative spill than normal, with a new spark in creative inquiry i will share my thoughts and views some funny, most random, some thought provoking, and others no so much

sorry i was gone, but i'm back