...sampling, recycling, or just plain resourceful

I've always wondered why artist sample beats or instruments into their songs, and at first I thought this is a sell out lol...but then i realized art is art; regardless of how its achieved, however there is a difference between copying and pasting someone's direct work and taking it and adding your own personal spin to it. I believe kanye does this effortlessly, using songs that are relevant to his songs and mashing them together or sampling from the other song is art,

another thing I noticed is most videos these days usually have the formula of "butt naked hoes", "ridiculously blinged out jewlery" "cars", and "drugs(alcohol or weed)"...seeing a video that quenches my thirst for art makes for a bomb ass song and also a great story line

sidenote (if you watch Ye's heartless video there's the Campbell soup portrait by Andy Warhol which stood for repetition during the post modernist period; i wonder if hype knew this and incorporated it in the video to show symbolism between it and how the song was sampled?

"you make me smile..with my heart"


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  2. KANYE big up with that song!!!!!